En Route

Hello – I’m Jesse Leigh Brackstone, and you are now En Route….

I can see your brow furrowing now, perplexed, befuddled, and nonplussed, but somewhere deep inside a little part of you wants to know. En route to where, or what, and when, and what’s it all about…?

It’s about time, as almost everything is, and every living soul on this planet is on the same journey, and toward the same place. Some of us call it Heaven, and some of us call it Home, and others among us call it Paradise. There are those who know it only as a deep-seated longing, or perhaps a dream, or simply a knowing that there is something more… out there… waiting.

Well, En Route is not about a destination, it’s the journey we’re all taking together through this wonderful experience we call life. For some of us it’s short, perhaps only minutes, and for others it spans a century or more, but it isn’t the length of time that matters, it’s what we do with it while we’re here, and what we make of the moments we are given.

With only seventeen days left until we embark on our five-year-long Global Tour, Brian and I (henceforth known as Darlin’) would like to invite you to come along with us and share in our adventures, and hopefully, you’ll honor us by letting us share in yours – we’d like that!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, you’re probably thinking:

Who in the world is Jesse Leigh Brackstone, and why would I want to go anywhere with her? A woman nutty enough to still call her husband Darlin’?

The following link list will tell you all you need to know – and more.

My public Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/jesseleigh.brackstone – don’t forget to send me a ‘friend’ request!

My professional ‘Author’ Facebook page (no ‘friend’ requests permitted there) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jesse-Leigh-Brackstone/191034367638667

My personal Web site – http://www.jesseleighbrackstone.com/ – I’d love to read your review of my TIME & UNFORESEEN OCCURRENCE seven-novel series and JENNY’S SONGS UNPLUGGED! (Audio clips are on my home page.)

The first 5 chapters of TIME & UNFORESEEN OCCURRENCE can be read on my Web site gratis, at http://www.jesseleighbrackstone.com/first_five.pdf

My blog – En Route with Jesse – http://www.enroutewithjesse.com – is the central point of my social media network. Come share your thoughts and experiences as we make this wonderful journey through life together!

My You Tube Videos – interviews, songs, studio clips, and on-tour highlights… http://www.youtube.com/user/HoboMtnPublishing/videos?sort=da&view=u

My Linkedin addy – http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/jesse-leigh-brackstone/82/1a5/827

My Twitter addy – http://twitter.com/#!/JesseLeighBrack

My publisher – http://www.hobomountainpublishing.com/

My yuku profile – http://jessebelle.u.yuku.com/


We give benefit concerts, write books, and songs, produce videos, albums, and tour the world in an old RV named Buster. We feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the sick and dying, and take care of widows and orphans…, and in the midst of all that, we’re privileged to see the wonders and the magnificence of God’s Creation (which we’d like to share with you), and to meet with people of every nation, tribe, and tongue, and we’d like to introduce you to them too. Some will no doubt make you laugh, and some may make you cry, but whether you shed tears of joy or sorrow, your life will be immeasurably enriched – I promise!

Why not make yourself your favorite cuppa, put your feet up for a while, and follow the links above? When you think you’ve read enough, and feel you’d like to join us on our travels, just come back here and click the ‘follow’ tab. You can follow us on your computer, your iPad, or your phone, or anything else that the techie minds come up with in the near future. (We’ve been doing this for forty years, so we’ve been here for it all!)

Post your own adventures in life – your highs and your lows – (we have millions of readers), and see how much happiness there is to be found in caring and sharing your life with others. You can join us alone or, if you like, you can make it a family affair. Children write some of the most precious posts of all. Share your photographs, your memories, your hopes, and your dreams, as we bring you those treasures from friends you haven’t met yet, but surely will encounter En Route!

Lots of Love and All Good Things,