En Route

The Driver’s Seat….

Ice on the windows eight days in a row, frost on the grass in the mornings, and crystalline snow-white fingers stealthily inching down the mountainside – a month too early from our point of view, but as with all else in life… what can y’do but roll with it?

The heaters in Buster aren’t adequate to compete with an Alpine winter, so today Darlin’ had to rescue our sensitive electronic equipment, our clothing, and all other items that could be damaged by the cold. Heaven knows, it’s a waste of a day, as we’ll only have to reload them again – some into Buster, and some into the U-Haul truck we’ll use to transport our belongings to a temperature-controlled storage facility.  Five years is too long a time to leave them in the house unattended – been there, done that, and even with baseboard heaters on, we come back to musty, moldy clothes and bedding every time.  No thanks!  So, Darlin’ spent the day moving back in to the house what we just moved out to Buster a month ago.  It’s not supposed to be this cold yet!

It isn’t always fun being in the driver’s seat!

Poor guy, it’s not as if I can physically help him either, but did he complain?  Nope, not once!  The only quasi lamentation I heard from his lips was how much he was going to miss… home.  Sigh….  I hadn’t had time to think about the leaving yet.

It’s not that I mind going, I love what we do, going to scores of different places and seeing all those smiling faces, as we sing, play, and read to them, and… well, you know the drill.  (Or you do if you’ve been following us for any length of time.)  I’ll go anywhere the LORD leads me, but… like Darlin’, I’m going to miss this:


 And this:

Bridge River Valley Overview

And this:

Testing  Canon S5 IS 009cropped Eagle Falls

And this:

Sunset from outside our house - Dec. 10th, 05

And him….

Testing  Canon S5 IS 128Bruno cropped

I’m going to miss our quiet conversations, he’s such a sweet and gentle soul….

Do you know that by the time I was fifty, I’d lived in sixty-four places?  Some for a few weeks or months, and some for a year or two!  I figured that out a few years back and haven’t kept count since then.

I know we’ve been a tad overwhelmed lately, and my blog posts reflect that, I’m sure, but the fault is mine, my friends, mine and Darlin’s.  In all of our planning, praying, and reaching, we forgot the most important thing of all – the Driver’s Seat is already occupied by GOD – and He doesn’t want us anywhere near it!  Phew!  I feel better already.

It’s far too easy to take back the reins when we’re tired, or on autopilot, and not connecting with God as well as we should.  Haste will do that to us – all of us, as will worry and all other futile occupations.  God is *always* in the Driver’s Seat of our lives, and if He isn’t… He should be!  (Jeremiah 10:23.)

Suddenly it all seems possible again!


‘May The Lord bless you

May The Lord keep you

May He lift up His face and shine His Countenance upon you

And give you peace.’


Love and All Good Things – Jesse.


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