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Welfare – A hand up, or a handout…?

G’morning all!

I wandered over to Matt Walsh’s blog a little while ago – it’s the second time I’ve been there – and for the second time I felt compelled to post something on the subject under discussion.  Matt believes in charity but not in Social Assistance (AKA – welfare), which he believes is ‘Stealing’ on the part of the recipients.  He thinks that all giving ought to be voluntary – all giving, period.  Well, that’s a fine idea, of course, but as history has taught us, goodness cannot be mandated.  If the wealthy of the world had cared enough when it mattered most, not a soul on Earth would be starving.

Orphan Boys in a Sandbox

We would have no need for famine relief, NGOs, and all of the other aid agencies that work tirelessly to mitigate the sufferings of millions, when there is enough of everything for all – if we would only share – which we would if we cared enough, but most people don’t, sadly.

Here’s my post:


While I’m a strong believer in multigenerational families, and always thought that I’d be a senior member of one someday, the reality is that kids nowadays are so far into the ‘me’ generation, the ‘self,’ the ‘I,’ and the ‘You owe me a living’ mentality, that not too many stick around to help their parents, and grandparents, and further extended family. Sad, but true nevertheless. My husband and I raised a passel of kids, and we taught them all about hospitality, morality, solid family values, and to follow the example of Christ as well as they could. Only one of them bothers, and even she can’t fathom how not seeing us for… I think it’s ten years now, is *not* all right! She telephones from time to time and tells us all her woes, but I don’t believe it crosses her mind to wonder how we’re coping with being diabetic, and I’m wheelchair bound, legally blind, have a chronic CNS disorder (present since birth), and multiple injuries from a car crash almost eleven years ago. In the not-too-distant past, we lost our house because there was absolutely no work in our area. We moved, of course, over a thousand miles to work, but we couldn’t keep up the payments on both the house we were obliged to rent (so my husband could stay employed), as well as the mortgage on the one we used to own. We even had a buyer for it, but the bank wouldn’t let us sell it, saying that we were a few days past the deadline for ‘Independent action,’ so… they took our house and auctioned it for a quarter of what it was worth. We still owe them the rest, so they say. Now, I think *that’s* stealing, don’t you?

So, we have insurance companies canceling policies and negating mortgages left and right.

We have banks that will come and take your house the moment you’re late with a payment.

We have ungrateful and self-centered children abounding everywhere.

And easily *half* of most people’s take-home pay is *stolen* by the government, via the various forms of taxation, making it extremely difficult to make a living.

We have sick people and old people who *cannot* work any longer, and who cannot afford even the most basic medical care.

We have an unemployment rate that is just shy of what was reported during The Great Depression, and we’re barreling headlong into a meltdown that will make the 1930′s look like a holiday. The United States is bankrupt and has an $18 trillion debt, which it can *never* repay, of course, as the only equity it has is the geographical land itself – and ‘We the people,’ and our taxes. When (yes, I did say *when*) the dollar tanks, tens of millions of people in other countries will suffer too, and many are in a desperate state already.

So, given the above-mentioned problems, why is it surprising that so many people need financial assistance of late?

The welfare office used to be filled with homeless people, and drug addicts, and alcoholics, and high-school dropouts – as well as single mothers. Now, if you visit a welfare office (we don’t even have them in Canada anymore – everything’s done on-line), you’ll see men in suits and ties, many of them with degrees in one field or another, who simply can’t find work anywhere. The latter are people who, for the most part, have paid in to social programs for years, and now that they need a hand up, they shouldn’t get one? Why not? Do these people have a choice? No, they don’t, and neither do those with disabilities, and they need to be assisted.

We don’t need to spend tax dollars on the garbage that we do – we ought to be taking care of the needy – who for whatever reason, and through no fault of their own, simply can’t make ends meet.

The Nanny or Welfare State isn’t something we ‘Buy into,’ Matt; poverty is forced upon most by excessive taxation. Those who abuse the system *are* stealing, if indirectly, but certainly no more so than the government – and it doesn’t matter which government we’re talking about – British, American, or Canadian. In the Western world it all works on the same premise, but it doesn’t work well at all, does it? Banks, Insurance companies (that never pay out), greedy corporations, obscenely high unemployment levels, excessive taxation, ungrateful kids, deadbeat dads, and the general disintegration of the family unit, hyperinflation, lack of medical coverage…, I could go on. No, it isn’t ideal for us to have a Nanny or Welfare state, but unless we solve the other problems we’ve allowed to remain in place (and we won’t), we will always need some version of it.

You’re passionate, Matt, and I know that you want to set the world aright (that job’s already taken, by the way), and God bless you for it, but you’re still young and relatively inexperienced. Wait a couple of decades until you, your wife, or your kids become chronically sick, disabled, or you’re unemployed, or you meet with a horrible accident. Perhaps then you’ll see the situation through the other side of the looking-glass.

We *all* need help from time to time, and when we have more than we need we (hopefully) give, but when we have less than we need, there is no shame in *accepting* help; it teaches us humility, and those who would give, compassion.

May God bless you and yours, Matt, and may He help us all.


Well, what do you think?  Should we do away with Welfare?  Are most of us taxed too much to make it?

Ideally, families and communities *would* take care of each other, and work together for the betterment of all, but we don’t live in a Utopian society, we live in a disintegrating one.

Do you think we’re too far gone to recover, or could we, collectively, regain our ground and *really* learn to ‘Love Thy Neighbor’?

I’d love to hear your comments on this one.



9 thoughts on “Welfare – A hand up, or a handout…?

  1. Catherine Sear says:

    This is an important topic, Jesse! I’m currently teaching a World Issues course and it has given me a new “take” on the meaning of welfare. Several years ago, when Mr Rae was attacking the civil service in Ontario, he instigated “Rae Days.” At that time, an astronomically wealthy Canadian said that he did not feel that he should have to pay tax. His family did not use Canadian schools, hospitals, etc. Hard working folk had to sacrifice a significant portion of each pay to keep services. It was perfectly acceptable for a plow driver to sacrifice pay while the wealthy gentleman ‘s chauffer drove the limousine accross well maintained and lit roads. It would be nice if the wealthy paid a fair amount.

    George Bush Sr was a member of the Carlyle Group. It is a group that facilitated some arms and defense deals. The war is making private industry wealthy. Our tax dollars get poured into supporting all of the private business that is generated by the G-8, the World Bank and the war. Instead of caring for the sick and the elderly, our tax dollars are often providing corporate welfare. I’m so tired of seeing hard orking people being told that the coffers are closed. The government of Canada spent 2 BILLION dollars on the G-20 Summit. The government messages are misleading and wrong. Thanks you for the article, Jesse! It was thought provoking, caring and on the track I’d like to see Canada visiting! Awesome!

  2. Hello Catherine!

    2 BILLION dollars on the G-20 Summit? Man! That must have been some buffet!

    War has *always* made billions for all the wrong people, not to mention all the wrong reasons. We send young people out with a preprogrammed set of beliefs and they march bravely off to war with a flag and a lie. The human race (which I’m ashamed to be a part of) has been engaged in bellicose commerce for millennia. When a government *needs* a war, they first create a credible (or not-so-credible, depending on how hip you are to their modus operandi) fear in the populace, and as soon as the intended panic takes hold -why, it’s another war, folks! People – brave, honest, God-fearing, and self-sacrificing people *believe* this rubbish and are *proud* to fight for their country. Meanwhile, their country is laughing all the way to the bank(s)! (They’re ALL in on it – always have been!) Do you know that Churchill used to *dine* with Hitler? And I mean *during* the war! This system is so far beyond corrupt and despicable that I’ve yet to find a word to adequately describe it – EVIL seems too kind.

    Yes, we should care for the ‘widows and orphans.’ Yes, we should care for the homeless and hungry. I don’t agree with abusing the system either, but that could be taken care of easily enough. There wouldn’t be half as many single mothers if Welfare wouldn’t support them. One of my own daughters became pregnant just to get it, and she’ll do it again in another five years or so, I’m guessing! This kind of thinking is epidemic among teenage and twenty-something women, and they actually *plan* to have a baby on the the taxpayer’s dime.

    If we stuck to the only Biblically viable reason for divorce (adultery), we wouldn’t have half as many couples divorcing either. It’s too easy for a woman to kick her husband out and then toddle off to the welfare office, kids in tow, and tell her tale of woe – and the government will fund it!

    I know of couples who say they’re divorcing, and then the guy disappears, the woman gets on welfare’s roll and then the couple moves back in together. The man works – maybe, and the woman stays home and collects welfare. It happens all the time.

    The time was, not so long ago, when people married and *stayed* married, primarily because they couldn’t afford to do anything else. Couples worked out their problems and knew the meaning of love, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, and all the rest of the good stuff. Divorce was seldom thought of as an option, and it wouldn’t take much to tighten the ‘ties that bind’ again, all that would be needed is a tightening of the public coffer.

    Granted, it’s *much* more difficult to obtain welfare in Canada, and we don’t have food stamps, nor any of the other social programs that they have in most states, but there’s still an awful lot of people abusing the system, so it’s not difficult to see why one might be bitter toward recipients. It’s unfair to those who legitimately need it, but when you’re in that situation, derision just goes with the territory.

    I try to stay apolitical, Catherine, but I’m all for *cleaning up* the welfare system. (I’m all for cleaning up the planet too.) It wouldn’t take a genius, just a good management consultant, and if I thought for a second they would hire me, I’d apply for the job. I don’t imagine the poor soul who implemented such changes would be cheerfully reelected, but if all contenders stuck together on fiscal policy, it could be done.

    There’s so much need everywhere one looks that there’s no excuse for sitting at home on welfare. If one cannot find paying work, but is in receipt of welfare, there are thousands of volunteer positions that need to be filled, and I believe that a man should work as long as he is of sound mind and body, and the same goes for women, although taking care of a family is a full-time job.

    We *do* need welfare, but we could most likely kick nine-tenths of the people off it within three to six months – and we should.

    Just my opinion, naturally, but I wouldn’t mind paying taxes in the least if they were used for the common good.

    Thank you for replying to this blog post, Carolyn. You’re my very first poster here (I know people are talking about it elsewhere, but that’s not the same), and I’m unlikely to forget that. Bless you!

    Love, peace, and All Good Things – Jesse.

  3. Hello, I think your website might be having browser compatibility
    issues. When I look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!Other then that,
    awesome blog!

    • Evening fybromyalgia bracelet!

      Thanks for the heads up. It’s curious though; as I’ve tired viewing my blog on three different computers, and on all of the popular browsers and it seems just fine. I’ll have our ‘techy’ friends look at it to see if there’s anything we could be missing.

      I haven’t been able to tend to my blog for the past few months, as I experienced a heart episode and am just now getting back in the proverbial saddle, so to speak.

      Love and All Good Things to you and yours,


  4. jeff craig says:

    It’s getting worse, everywhere, daily. Year after year after year.
    In the world, much persecution and tribulation, wickedness worse than ever before in history, and going to get many times worse this year, and every year, until Yahushua Messiah Savior King Returns.

    At least 1/3 of the people are going to die soon.
    That’s 1/3 of all the people on earth.

    Whoever thinks they’ve got it made or can make it, on their own, has already failed.

    Whoever trusts the Heavenly Father, and SEEKS HIM, EVERY DAY, trusting HIM for LIFE in both this world and in the LIFE TO BE, it is granted them.

    Shalom !

    • Amen! As it is written, so it shall be done.

      Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

      May YHVH richly bless and always protect you and yours, Jeff, and may He forgive us all for that which we could not do to rescue our brethren from all people and places where they are persecuted.

      ‘Tears are not enough!’

  5. jeff says:

    Righteousness. Not charity. Not ‘love’ (not emotion; but obedience, yes).
    In Hebrew, “Righteousness” – doing what YHWH the Creator does – Always doing what is RIGHT, never what is wrong. This is sheer grace.

    The world system cannot work. The word for it in YHWH’S WORD is “pernicious”.
    i.e. death dealing wickedness in every aspect. evil through and through.

    Jesus is the ONLY WAY. There is no other way.

  6. Jeff Craig says:

    Wow ! Jesse, you replied and “ameined” (agreed let it be so or it is so)
    Wow ! (I really was surprised reading your reply just now.)
    Because most people don’t want to live right. That’s why.
    For those who might by God’s Grace read this, and want to live right….. Let’s start living right, yes. Really for Real.
    I don’t know how to get us together or in contact, only I’ll watch posts here, maybe a little more closely than I did until today :).
    We , even all together , cannot make it happen in our own knowledge and strength and all of our efforts joined together …….
    but God Can Make It Happen (and HE WANTS TO- HE’S GOD!).
    I can offer decades of experience in His Word, as a caretaker, trained in many ways of natural God Given healing of most ills, directions to people who want to learn HOW to LIVE the WAY GOD says to (it is written, clear, and SIMPLE)(but man messes up, complicates it all) …..
    We cannot and should not count on government aid or assistance (I HATED it when we had to get food stamps for a few months 20 years ago — HATED MOST that FAMILY AND CHURCH FAILED – they were more worldly and carnal than ever expected; and just did not care to do what is right).
    So, if ANYONE has sought God and His Way, and WANTS to learn together from Him and His Word TODAY, this year / next year (His Time, His Accomplishing )
    post here and let’s pray fervently together for HIS PRESENCE to deliver us and train us and teach us and help us IN LINE WITH HIS WORD. (nothing contrary to HIS WORD, not even one iota fallen to the ground)

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