En Route


I wrote this better than several years ago, but it somehow feels like an appropriate prayer for me today….



I’ve watched so  many people

 Pass every test I’ve failed

And in my hand hangs heavy

The hammer and the nails

As once again I crucify

My Savior to the cross

I despise my weakness

And cannot bear the loss

Oh, how did I come to be in
Between the Grace of GOD, and sin?
In dreams I run t’wards Heaven’s Gate
And voices mock me, “Late, too late!
The Saints have entered long ago…”
A world I fear I’ll never know
Where GOD resides, and angels sing
And sinners like me can’t get in.

Why so often do I stumble
Why is it that I fall?
I look inside and try to find
Some reason for it all
But I’m just a weary hobo
Wretched as can be
Who with tear-stained face
Beholds GOD’S Grace
Through Christ’s blood…which sets us free.

And in my hand hangs heavy
The hammer and the nails
And in my heart contrition
For every time I’ve failed.
Oh, give to me that cross LORD
And let me die with Thee
In death I live, my life I give you
Here at Calvary.

© 2002 – Hobo Mountain Publishing.